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Impact of Design on Industry and Society

Importance of Design in Industry Evolution of Wheel

We have been practising design from ages. Invention and evolution of the wheel is a design process.

There were problems with the transportation of goods. At that time people must have undergone various observations. They must have made prototypes and would have tested them. Ultimately, with the years and inputs from people design was evolved.

Need of Evolution

From the above story, it is clear that evolution occurred in various areas of industry. Why was the development required? What were the factors that moulded progression?

After the industrial revolution, companies started to invest in research and development to retain the brand value in the market. Automotive and food entrepreneurs picked it up fastest. With this, user or consumer started getting attention. Slowly Human-Centric approach appeared. Consumers started becoming prime important factors for industries.

Evolution of Industry

With the evolving technology, the requirements and aspirations of consumers also got evolved. The mindset of consumers evolved from the need to experience in the following way

Need > Efficient > Satisfaction > Experience > Next…

If we trace the development of any commodity we will get the above things in common. Before the industrial revolution buyers were in want of the goods that would support them endure. After World War II the economy was juggling on stings as it suffered losses. That drove the consumer’s mindset to efficient sources of the developing these products. Later a stable economy started building moreover an urge of satisfaction in buyers got developed. In the short term, the customer mindset turned towards desire. Today’s buyer is ready to pay more for an excellent experience, whether be it related to sitting in a car or sipping a cold drink.

Today's Consumer

Today’s consumer is impatient.

If an app is not simple to operate they uninstall it within a minute. Every time they go to a shopping mall, they have so much variety and brands serving them, gave them the superpower of choice. A product gets just 3 seconds to establish its trust. If it proves itself right, only then it stays in the hands of the customer or goes back on the shelf.

Lady making choice for product

Image from Google Search

How do industries sustain this competition?

Experience for Consumer

A company must know its target audience thoroughly before launching their product. To study the buyer is the first step of the design process of the product. If your merchandise can hit the right string of the heart only then a buyer is going to buy it. How do you connect to this string?

Design Thinking

Developing awareness of the changing inclinations of the target buyer is a challenging yet essential task. But with changing lifestyle and needs of employees, a brand must understand that this EXPERIENCE must evolve with time. This evolution must happen regularly and should mature with time. To make this happen an approach of design thinking must be applied. 

A design thinking cycle describing the steps in design process

Image from Google Search

Impact of Design Thinking

The value of design is difficult to define. Design is hard to isolate as a function. It operates differently for various sectors of industry.  That makes it difficult to benchmark or standardized measurement metrics. Instead, DMI (Design Management Institute) chose to look at the value of design-focused organizations as an aggregate.  In 2013, DMI and Motiv Strategies collaborated to develop a market index that could be used to track how design-focused companies perform relative to the S&P 500 over time. Fifteen US companies made the criteria for inclusion. The results supported a growing body of findings that good design drives shareholder value. 

DMI Design Value Index (Source: Design Management Institute)

The companies investing in design were able to sell their products or services far more effectively, with sales representing an average of 34% of growth in their turnover, compared to just 18% in companies that did not use design.

Over ten years period, design-driven companies outperformed the rest of the S&P index by 228%.

Keon Designs

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China Express Food Outlet Design in a Shopping Mall

Food Outlet Design Hand Sketches

China Express is Chinese food outlet in Phoenix Market City, Pune. The requirement was to create interesting wall graphics, posters, menu cards and create the overall ambience of the outlet look fascinating and attractive for customers walking by. 

Initial Scenario

The outlet had graphics with low clarity and distorted design language, food photographs pixelated, text which was not readable from a distance and overall green color which did not attract the customers to come for Chinese food.

Design Intend

The design idea was to take inspiration from the Chinese culture and create interesting graphics and artworks which could create an impact on the customer looking for Chinese food in the mall. 

Mood Board for Chinese Restaurant Environment Design Project by Keon Designs

Chinese Theme Mood Board for Food Outlet Design

Different artworks like noodles, chopsticks, Chinese buildings and food in the bowl were created on wallpapers to give an intuitive feel to a customer walking by. 

Food Outlet Design Hand Sketches

Chinese Artwork Designs by Keon Designs

The background color variation were well thought through considering the intention of the consumer and client.

Food Outlet Design Wall Paper Design

Background Color for Wallpaper Design by Keon Designs

Design and Strategy

Food items were segregated and photographed to create posters on walls. The graphic design language was well thought through and developed in a way that all the highlighting features are visible from the walking passage of the mall.

The strategy of the client to run the outlet was understood and the content of the posters and their arrangement in the outlet were planned accordingly.

The front wall shows the combo packs which is supposed to be high selling food items. The side walls consist of other food items which were also on high selling list like Sizzlers, Spring Rolls etc to attract the people entering the Mall. The alignment of posters was kept high to increase the visibility. The typography used is bold and easy to read from distance. Color language was thought through to keep contrast.

Food Outlet Design Poster2

Food Poster Vertical Design by Keon Designs

Food Outlet Design Poster1

Food Menu Poster Design by Keon Designs

The promotional posters to be kept on the desk were created to give special offer awareness to customer placing order. 

Food Outlet Design Poster3

Promotional Poster Design by Keon Designs

The menu cards were designed considering the same design language. The photographs of special food items were aligned with the product categories to create an impact on customer placing order. 

Menu Card Design for China Express a Chinese food restaurant in Pheonix Mall, Pune

Menu (Outside) Design by Keon Designs

Menu Card Design for China Express a Chinese food restaurant in Pheonix Mall, Pune

Menu (Inside) Design by Keon Designs

Actual site photographs

The installation of designed wall paper, posters and table top posters and menu cards were done as shown below. The overall theme of spicy and delicious food was created to give a fascinating look.

Food Outlet Design Actual Pics

China Express Outlet photographs in Phoenix Mall

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