Food Sector Design Projects

The food sector is a globally and rapidly growing sector of the industry. It encompasses the manufacturing, processing, and distribution of food and food products consumed by the population of the world. Today, food is not just a basic necessity for survival. It is more than just fuel; it is pleasure. The influence of technology on food has changed its nature considerably. Food today is available easily, and is consumed avidly. It is available in different forms, packets, wrappers, boxes, containers. The look and feel of food now plays an important role in attracting consumers. Along with deliciousness, some of the other things that now matter are packaging of the food, branding, association of a particular food with a well known brand, design of a restaurant’s menu card, advertisements, et cetera. For example, a well branded food product brand/outlet is bound to do well in the market among the right target audience.
Keon Designs is working towards promoting the growing impact of design on the food sector of the industry. We at Keon, believe that like every other sector, the food sector also serves its consumers better with the help of good design. Knowing that in the food sector, good design attracts people and makes them fall in love with a particular food brand, Keon Designs wants to make more people choose good design over bad or no design.

Era Ready to Cook Foods

A humble packaging designed for humble Maharashtrian food dishes

Era Modak

A packaging designed for a beloved Maharashtrian delicacy - modak

Era Shrewsbury Biscuits

A packaging designed for Shrewsbury biscuits, keeping their richness and goodness in focus

Design the values
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