Fresh Juice Brand Identity

keon designs fresh juice graphic

Brand Design by Keon Designs

Fresh Juice is a fruit juice bar chain getting developed across Toronto. Brightness, friendliness, simplicity and freshness were the key attributes to be considered. Keon Designs Team developed the brand identity for the bar so that it could attract people and create the presence of ‘Fresh Juice’ in an interesting way.

keon designs fresh juice grahic

Logo by Keon Designs

The idea behind the Fresh Juice work was to divert people from the current scenario of excessive soft drinks consumption and bring a health-conscious way of getting refreshed.

keon designs fresh juice graphic

Fresh Juice experience

The brand identity that was developed consists of two elements – fruits and a glass of juice. 

keon designs fresh juice graphic
keon designs fresh juice graphic

Logo Building of Juice Bar

The different fruit graphics were created keeping in mind the minimalism of feel of the brand and were arranged to show a glass of juice to make it look intuitive for a viewer.

keon designs fresh juice graphic

Fruits Graphics

The typography of fresh juice was developed to promote freshness which in turn depicts the upper part of the glass.

keon designs fresh juice graphic

Typography of Logo

The typography with a splash of juice above letter ‘S’ with straw was developed in a way so that it could become the brand element which was then used on menu cards, T-shirts and other brand products.

keon designs fresh juice graphics logo
keon designs fresh juice graphic

Animation of Logo

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