Planter Kit Packaging

Planter kit is a mini plant pot kit which includes the soil discs (coco peat discs) and seeds used for home decor and indoor planting. The mini pot, coco peat discs and seeds are the main products which were supposed to be packaged and displayed in malls.  Such kits with different seeds like Chilly, Coriander, fenugreek, Basil, Lettuce, Sage, Shepu, Spinach, Tomatoes and wheat were packaged. The role of Keon Designs to create the seamless designs for the variety of packages.


The packaging design needed to be attractive and needed something new which could pull the customer walking by and grab their attention. Although the parallel products in the market were cubical boxes with pot kits inside and hence, we decided to make an intuitive concept in which the packaging should appear as a plant itself! 

The Interlocking leaves packaging - Product Design part

The upper top surface of the package looks like two leaves blooming over the planter kit which gives an intuitive feel of the plant to the customer and it interlocks to close the package and flattens while transportation making it easy to use and cost-effective packaging product. The two slits on sidewalls of the packaging strip lock the pot and make it easy to handle.


Lock system_packing design by Keon Designs


kit design by Keon Designs

Video of packaging operation by Keon Designs

Finally The Plant style design !

The major product design part was completed to make the packaging sturdy, easy to handle, transportation and usage for customer. 

The graphics were kept simple and elegant to give a plant look to the package. The colour combination of green leaves with soil patch on top makes it look a plant and the walls were highlighted with green and red depending on the seeds like chilly’s was kept red and spinach was kept green. The typography was calligraphy giving it casual and elegant look. The seed name in hindi was also given below the main product name and the contents in the kit was highlighted on right. 


plant kit product packing design Designs by Keon Designs


plant kit Designs by Keon Designs

Plant kit Product packing dseign by keon designs

plant kit Designs by Keon Designs

product packing dseign by keon designs 01

plant kit Designs by Keon Designs

product packing dseign by keon designs 03

plant kit Designs by Keon Designs

product packing dseign by keon designs 02

plant kit Designs by Keon Designs

Inside Infographics

The planter kit has three main things inside- Pot, cocopeat discs and seeds. To use the planter kit , we created 4 simple graphical steps on the back side of the packaging for better experience of the user.  

Info graphics layout

Planter kit design by Keon Designs

Thank You.

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