Brand Identity for Genie Chef

Client: Genie Chef

An application based company with their business strategy of Chefs + Homes + Genie (your wish is my command). Developing the attitude of food industry based logo with the design principles to achieve the focus was the basic strategy. 

Identity Poster Design

Client: Winix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Winix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a speaker technology based company, the task was to design a see through poster that can be installed on the glass panel of the company facade. The main aim was to depict three things audio technology, internet of things and music for healing.

Identity Suggestions for Sensivision

Client: Sensivision Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sensivision Health Technologies plans to develop the range of neonatal medical devices. The main aim was to suggest an appropriate logo for their company profile, which depicts happy baby and innovation.

Identity Design for Milind

Client: Milind Industries

Milind Industries is associated with production of Men's Garments. As the word Milind means honey bee and from the companies area of expertise the brand identity was designed. Minimalism, manly, edgy, take wing, growth are some of the words that describe the identity.

Brand Identity Design for a Juice Bar

Client: Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice is a fruit juice bar located in Pune, Maharashtra. The main target of the brand were youth and children. The use of vibrant colors in the brand identity makes it look eye catchy, and stands in par with the current brands. The graphics for each fruit was built up and the intention of glass full of fruit juice was added.