Brand Development

Sturdfix is an industrial fastener manufacturing company, parented by Singhania International Limited. Keon Designs developed the total brand image, starting from deriving the company's name to their presence in the market at every step. The development was including design of mascot, brand collaterals and installations. We also designed the way the brand should make its presence in the market, by the various layers of the company.

Category : Industrial Design and Engineering
Client: Singhania International Limited
Date : April 2017

Sturdfix is an industrial fastener manufacturing company. Keon Designs developed the brand design.

Development of Name
Owners of the company wanted to keep their company’s thinking in the modern era. Keywords related to the background, vision and likes of the company's owners were listed. Two words prominently came up

Sturdy + Fixing = Sturd Fix > Sturdfix

Development of Brand Identity
Since the interviews of the owners were fruitful and we had insights regarding our next step. We moved forward to designing the brand identity for the company. Various design ideas were tried, out of which 3 were selected and presented to the stakeholders of Sturdfix.

The Climax
Client: “Can we keep Logo’s design language serious and make an identity separate which is playful”?
Keon: “We can make a mascot for the company which would also act like identity”.
Client: “Awesome idea”.

The Process
One team started to develop the brand identity, which was focusing on the textual logo. The second team started with the mascot. Both the teams studied the user, stakeholders, competitor brands and design trends. After which they developed a mood board. This mood board helped them to connect the emotional aspect to the design aspect. The teams also derived the colour scheme. The teams presented well designed and developed concepts for the client. Our client liked the designs. We then started the design selection process, in which we invited all the stakeholders of Sturdfix. With mutual understanding, we moved forward with one design of Logo and Mascot. Our design team later refined the selected concept considering the gestalt laws and design trends. The brand development and brand strategist team developed a document for the brand guideline. The graphic design team took this document as reference and developed the collaterals, imagery and iconography. The Installation Design team started their work in parallel to design and develop the exhibition installation.

After developing all the designs, our team developed the brand manual for the Sturdfix team as a reference.

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