Eco Friendly Water Heater

Eco Heater by Keon Designs

Eco-Heater - A Responsible Water Heater

About 80 per cent of the rural Indian population relies on natural resources for its energy needs. The inefficient supply of electricity and changing weather conditions in the country make it imperative for people to store dried branches of trees or cow dung cakes in plenty, as their energy source. Eco-Heater is a project run by Keon Designs as a CSR activity of organisations, to help the needy. Unlike conventional water heaters, the Eco-Heater reduces the consumption of resources utilised for burning by 60 per cent. Also, it is designed for easy and hazard-free operation. Keon Designs helps organisations to develop such products that can be helpful for the betterment of people at grass root levels in our country.

Category : Industrial Design and Engineering
Date : February 2018