Medical Sector Design Projects

The medical sector of the industry covers all products and services catering to the maintenance and regulation of health. Patients in need of temporary or permanent treatments benefit from this industry. With massive advancements in the field of science, the medical sector is also booming. And because of this, the details in ergonomics, branding, ease of use, et cetera, now matter a lot. Small betterments lead to big impacts. For example, even a slight improvement in the ergonomics of an equipment, or a little change in the tone of voice of a medicine brand, can result in huge changes in its impact on the market. Medical products and services succeed by building emotional and supportive relations with patients. Well designed products and services are thus preferred for being thoughtful and caring, and for putting in the extra effort.
Keon Designs is working towards promoting the growing impact of design on the medical sector of the industry. We at Keon, believe that like every other sector, the medical sector also serves its consumers better with the help of good design. Knowing that in the medical sector, good design reduces errors and builds trust among patients and doctors alike, Keon Designs wants to help people choose good design over bad or no design.

Magnetic Crack Detection Machine

Designing of Magnetic Crack Detection Machine for Mayuresh Industries.

Kulkarni Hospital - Branding

Identity design for a hospital brand managed by Keon Designs

Yash IVF - Branding

Identity design for a division of a hospital brand managed by Keon Designs

Kulkarni Hospital & Yash IVF - Collateral Design

Stationery and such collaterals designed for a hospital brand

Sensivision - Branding

An identity designed for a medical products company

Sensivision - Collateral Design

Collaterals designed for a medical products company

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