Apparel Sector Design Projects

The apparel sector of the industry includes manufacturers, designers, distributors, and retailers of clothes and accessories. It is a sector of the industry that is growing widely. Fashion trends that drive the apparel sector are a great influence on a major chunk of the world’s population. The fads and styles take over the avid followers of the garment industry, and almost everyone else follows in some way or the other. Fashion today is a way of expression. For the right target audience, clothes of daily use also have a certain thing to convey. Amidst all the craze for this sector, only well designed garments, packagings, clothing/accessory brands, et cetera, have a tendency of leaving their mark on the industry. People are naturally drawn towards brands and designers that have a good sense of design in every aspect. They want to wear a garment or an accessory from a brand which has been designed in a way that resonates with them. After all, what you wear on your body speaks volumes about you.
Keon Designs is working towards promoting the growing impact of design on the apparel sector of the industry. We at Keon, believe that like every other sector, the apparel sector also serves its consumers better with the help of good design. Given the fact that clothes today are more than just a basic necessity to cover bodies, that they are a way of looking and feeling good, Keon Designs wants to help more people choose good design over bad or no design.

Milind - Apparel Design

Brand establishment through apparel design for a company based in Nashik

Bella Lingerie - Branding & Collateral Design

Identity design followed by collateral design for a hypothetical lingerie brand

Vijayanti Sports - Collateral Design

A brochure designed for a big sports merchandise brand in Punjab

Hina's Atelier - Website UI

Webiste UI designed for a growing fashion label

Design the values
by Partnering with Keon Designs