A retractable chair product concept for Indian metros to increase the sitting capacity

SIT- Hanging chairs in Metro

SIT is a foldable seat concept for metros which is a hanging belt that rolls up when not in use. Thus, creating a flexible seating arrangement as per the public requirement. Design of elongated holes helps material to stretch and hence provides comfort to the user. The seat hole design concept provides better breathable space which avoids sweating and discomfort. The product opens manually and closes automatically, thus making it very easy to use. When the seat is pulled down to a certain level, it gives click feedback and gets locked. When the person sits, it gets unlocked due to his/her weight leading to automatic rolling of the seat when not in use. Our team came up with this meaningful design solution to make the metro journey more convenient and easy for daily commuters.

Category : Industrial Design and Engineering
Date : January 2018

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