Product Design

The Product Design's role includes form and functionality. Developing the aesthetic part as per the strategy of the market and functionality part of any product keeping the user in mind makes the product design process most successful investment for achieving market success. The usability, manufacturability, serviceability are some of the various key points that are considered while designing.


A mobile phone charger with an asymmetric approach towards its form. A solution for handling mobile while charging.

Eco Heater

A water heater developed for rural sector. It is designed with heat locking technique to boost the efficiency of heat transfer ratio.

The project is featured on "Tuvie" an international publication.

Electronic Device Design

An electronic device design with IE and IP-65 standards. 

Fire Extinguisher Carrier

Portable fire extinguisher carrier for bikes, to deliver small quantity of extinguisher inside the city.

Concept Vehicle

A concept vehicle project for Faurecia

Speaker X

A speaker with the concept of the floating sound source. The linking of outer shell with the inner section without hampering the audio quality was design challenge.

HMI and Plant Layout​

A S.P. Engineers project with the challenges of designing the HMI and safety for operator. Ergonomic design and layout were key features.


An experience designed replicating the water ripples. A premium class washroom accessory.

Event Trophy

A trophy design for an internal event of BNI Chapter. The Design intend was to showcase growth of BNI member through its well developed platform.

Turn Table

The technology intervention in this machine was to increase machine time and reduce the operator idle time. A way in which machine by an additive feature, which did not cost much but saved the time and increased the productivity.

Conference Speaker

A gesture controlled conference hall speaker. The design intended to create an easy solution for the controls of speaker.


A hanging retractable seats for passengers in Indian Metros. The system design included increase in number of foldable seats in Metro.


An elite bathroom accessories derived from the form language of sea shells. An experience design of sea shore around it.

Connected Speakers

Two speakers when connected together creates the a speaker bar and with it becomes a base boost device.

Trophy Set Design

A trophy set design for one of the corporate event, the design suggest to recognize the diamond from coal mine.

Individual Trophy Design

A trophy designed for an event to promote the efforts taken by the members

Traffic Police Booth

With the upcoming technology of traffic surveillance, the police booth will also be well equipped.

Ergonomic Control Design

Ergonomic Design for the machine control system to avoid the accidents in operation and avoid the miss management because of button placements

Magnetic Crack Detection Machine

Designing of Magnetic Crack Detection Machine for Mayuresh Industries.

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