The breakthrough idea of having a charger on which phone can be mounted. An asymmetric approach towards designing the form for a mobile charger that can cover the electronics. An approach of mono charger for multiple accessories of mobile phone devices to cope up today's needs.

The thoughtful engineering principles make the mobile device stable when mounted on the charger.

Chargo a device for near future.

Human Machine Interaction and Plant Layout

A S.P. Engineers project with the challenges of designing the Human Machine Interface in such a way that the operator has to stand out of the hazardous zone while the machine is in operation. Also the need was for proper arrangement of the keys so as to reduce cognitive load on operator and hence increase the productivity.

Another sector was to design the plant layout so as to utilize the minimum area in the plant and a proper pathway for material handling as well as maintenance of the machines. 

HMI and Technology Intervention

Another S.P. Engineers project for designing the Human Machine Interaction for a developed machine to ease the operator's load and time. The arrangements of the controls in the specific area considering the construction and operation requirements were done.

The technology intervention in this machine was to increase machine time and reduce the operator idle time. A way in which machine by an additive feature, which did not cost much but saved the time and increased the productivity.

Eco - Heater

A water heating device developed for the requirements of rural sector. The intervention of heat locking technique to add up the efficiency of heater and make it more user friendly. The current technology of induction heater, the old process of heating water at home and the boiler technology were combined to get a house hold affordable device.

Speaker Packaging Design

Designs for various styles of speakers. In this project the packaging or external covering was designed for the internal electronics or technology. Three different scenarios were considered as Techy looking and youth attractive speakers, Conference Hall speakers and Connect speakers.