A whole crab meat packaging project, which included many iterations to get just to the packaging through its form. An iterative process that discarded around 7 layouts  to get to this final packaging which with it developed aesthetics has also saved the cost in material as well as it is easy to stack.

Condom Packaging

A brand and packaging developed in a way to come up with a solution on today's Indian scenario of hesitation while buying and using the condoms. Packaging was developed in a way that it reflects the act of interest and mutual relationship. Mainly two sectors of users were considered mature and youth for creating the visual appearance on the package.

   This project was featured on "Packaging of the World"

Planter Kit Packaging

Client: Chajjed Gardens

Packaging was done for three materials Planter, coco peat and seeds. The idea was breaking into perception of growing a plant before you buy the planter kit. This was done to attract the nature loving people.The final package proceeded with 13+ mock-ups. It is also proved to save material and cost as compared to conventional packaging.