Award Trophie Design

Award - Trophy Design for BNI

Trophie Design involves a different approach as compared to other design processes. It is an emblem that one receives as recognition for his or her work. Business Network International or BNI is an international organization which helps the business owners to connect and grow hand in hand. Every chapter of BNI celebrates its growth and gives recognition to its members for their unconditional support. The design of the award was done keeping this mindset. The wood in the trophy depicts the giving nature of trees. The increasing steps of the layers depict the growth of the member and the overall chapter. Designing an award for the person who have taken so much of plunge to serve others is an challenging part. We at Keon Designs could do this by our structured process of the design thinking.

Client: BNI Hallmark, PCMC, India
Category: Award Trophy Design
Date: March 2018

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