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Keon Designs is a design consultancy formed by designers, like minded yet different in their own way who believes in design led innovations. We specialize in Industrial Design, Packaging Design, Graphic Design and User Interface and Experience (UI-UX) Design. These areas of design may apply to any sector of industry who desires innovative intervention.

We believe that design is a process which evolves a product from its current state to its preferred one with a motive to achieve nirvana. We plot various sectors of innovative interventions in the problem scenario or discover completely new ways to develop an entity depending on its need. We endeavor to evolve the value of brands through design and innovation.

Our Young Minds

Aditi Bansal

Aditi is Founder Director of Keon Designs.

She is a visionary designer and has studied her Masters in Industrial Design from Maeer's MIT Institute of Design & Graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. She has been in Industry for more than three years and understands the design need for a brand development and strategy. She believes

Design is must for an organization to grow, it helps the brand to develop its mark in this world.

Aditi Bansal Director of Keon Designs
Pravin Ghodke Director of Keon Designs

Pravin Ghodke

Pravin is Founder Director of Keon Designs.

He is a passionate designer and has studied his Masters in Industrial Design from Maeer's MIT Institute of Design & Graduated in Mechanical Engineering. He has been in industry for more than five years and believes that it is the design thinking that helps the product to become successful in market. He believes

Design is an approach to make a product simpler and user friendly, if it hits the heart of customer, it will hit the market.

Our Services

Product Design

The design role varies from aesthetic to functional part of any product, machine or device. The usability, manufacturability, serviceability are some of the various key points that are considered while designing.

Graphic Design

Designing of Corporate Branding, Brand collateral which includes logo design, stationary design and many more further aspects. This service is applicable for both print as well as digital media.

Packaging Design

We design the packaging of product that speaks about the product inside well before the customer buys it. Cost effective solutions, creative graphic design, product shoot any many more are the aspects that we work in this sector.

UI-UX Design

Extensive experience of interacting with machines and technologies. Cognitive and effortless interaction is the aim of design. This service includes designing of Website, APP, HMI screens and more.

Our Working Style

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