Keon Designs is a design consultancy specialising in design and innovation to create value for impactful brand growth.
We design innovative experiences for our clients in varied domains of Product Design, Communication and Brand Design, Packaging Design, and User Interface Design. With the help of our interdisciplinary team of business specialists, industrial designers, engineers, communication designers, graphic designers, and user experience designers we achieve the desired results. We at Keon Designs strive to create extraordinary ideas, experiences, and solutions by connecting people to products, and eventually to brands in meaningful ways.

At Keon Designs, we design from the heart and evaluate by the brain. Our deep observations of everyday life, current trends, and design make us different. Our designs connect with the audiences because of the convincing and meaningful brand stories we develop. We take pride in walking our clients through the entire design process of grooming an idea into the final product. We just don't stop there, we help them to reach their consumers and build their impression in the hearts. We have worked with startups to multinational corporates and have materialised their ideas of products or services into successful brands and ventures.

Our Young Minds

Aditi Bansal

Aditi is Founder Director of Keon Designs.

She is a visionary designer and has studied her Masters in Industrial Design from Maeer's MIT Institute of Design & Graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. She has been in Industry for more than three years and understands the design need for a brand development and strategy. She believes

Design is must for an organization to grow, it helps the brand to develop its mark in this world.

Aditi Bansal Director of Keon Designs
Pravin Ghodke Director of Keon Designs

Pravin Ghodke

Pravin is Founder Director of Keon Designs.

He is a passionate designer and has studied his Masters in Industrial Design from Maeer's MIT Institute of Design & Graduated in Mechanical Engineering. He has been in industry for more than five years and believes that it is the design thinking that helps the product to become successful in market. He believes

Design is an approach to make a product simpler and user friendly, if it hits the heart of customer, it will hit the market.


Study of the Current Stage of the Idea

Study of the Requirement in Market

Documentation of Requirements


Declaration of Specifications

Gauging of the Scope of Development

Iterative Design Work

Post Production

Prototyping and Running for Trials


Launch of the Idea

Our Clients

Client List Minda, Forbes Marshall, Vijayanti Sports, Chajjed Garden, China Express, SP Engineers, Winix Technilogies, Alex, Logic Bits, Genie Chef, RP Tax and Accounting, Voila Studioz, Sturdfix, Microfilt, Umiya Traders, VMaximo, Milind Industries

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